Included on this page are an array of resources to help our families find important information and stay engaged in their child's learning.

Families and Students

Below are links to some of the most important information you’ll need as you prepare your child for a rewarding educational experience in Cincinnati Public Schools.

    Educational Resources

    German Study Tools

    • Cincinnati Public Library — Kidspace
    • Cincinnati Public Library — Research & Homework
    • Schnappi — Listen to a catchy kids tune in German about a little crocodile. (parent tested and recommended)
    • Kindernetz — Click on “Toms Filme” to watch brief videos and “Spiele” to play a game. (parent tested and recommended)
    • Leo — German-English Dictionary with microphone links to practice pronunciation.
    • German for Children, Fun, Activity-Based Language Learning, McGraw Hill publisher — CD/booklet package with guidelines for parents who wish to assist their children in the learning process. (parent tested and recommended)
    • Berlitz Kids German Language Package — Audio CD for ca.
    • Instant Immersion German — 2 CDs PC and Mac compatible. Ca.
    • German Fun — Passport Books, a division of NTC Publishing Group, Lincolnwood, Illinois. An activity book with phonetic transcriptions of German vocabulary.
    • Duden. Mein erstes Wörterbuch — Children’s picture dictionary covering the basic vocabulary. German words, no English.
    • Mein erster Brockhaus — A colorful ABC book in German, no English.
    • Ich bin der kleine Hase — Ravensburger Press (Germany) ISBN 3-473-30152-3. An excellent children’s storybook for those parents who have knowledge of German.
    • German in 10 minutes a day — Bilingual Books, Inc. Last edition, 2002. A user friendly, colorful, and useful introduction in workbook format for parents who might enjoy becoming familiar with the language.
    • Mein erstes Deutschbuch — Teil A. Auer Verlag (Germany) ISBN 3-403-02388-5. A user friendly formatted children’s picture dictionary with clear, attractive illustrations and accompanying labels.

    Project Connect

    For children who are experiencing homelessness, the risk of falling behind academically is significantly greater. Project Connect helps clear barriers to education for families who are homeless. From assisting with enrollment and promoting attendance to providing in-school and summer programs, Project Connect provides guidance and support to give a leg up for children and youth who are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about Project Connect and the services it offers.

    Technology Tools

    Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-luh-jee") Communication Tool Now Available — is an integrated learning-management solution that gives students, parents and teachers a new and easy way to connect and communicate.

    Google Apps for Education — CPS has adopted Google Apps for Education as a key tool for student learning. Google Apps for Education is a web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use. All Google Apps services can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    Putting our Technology Tools to Work

    Our world is driven by technology. Digital devices and software add a dynamic element that keeps students interested and provide access to tools that prepare them for the future.