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Fairview-Clifton German Language School, a CPS, preschool-6 magnet school, attracts families interested in the many benefits foreign language immersion offers. Beyond foreign language education, Fairview is focused on providing students with a well-balanced, holistic education.

Fairview-Clifton German Language Curriculum

German instruction at Fairview is provided within the framework of an intensive Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) program with emphasis on content enrichment. In addition to traditional foreign language instruction, topics in curriculum areas such as social studies, science and math are covered in the German classroom as well.


The purpose of the German language program at Fairview is to enrich each child's educational experience through intensive daily exposure (approximately 60 minutes of instruction per day) to the "German language and culture." Ultimately, each child should:

  • Learn to understand, speak, read and write German
  • Develop an understanding of German-speaking people and their way of life
  • Develop an appreciation for the contributions of German-Americans to American life
  • Develop positive multi-ethnic and multicultural attitudes, demonstrate improved learning skills
  • Behave in a manner reflecting increased self-discipline