Small Contributions That Make a Big Difference

There are many ways that our families and community members can have a positive impact in our classrooms. Contributing to these worthy causes enables our school and our support organizations to stretch their resources further. The result: More enriching opportunities for our students that promote academic success and healthy choices!


Register & Give Online!

The Register & Give Online! button above is a new, easy, and secure way for you to register for fundraising events online and for us to accept your generous contributions.

We are using Square this year to register for fundraising events.  

GEBAS raises funds that go towards supporting multiple school programs and materials (e.g., Math and Science night, buses for field trips, learning technologies for classrooms, teacher special requests, wish lists, guest speakers, etc.). There are many ways to give and support Fairview.

Always check the Falkenpost for opportunities to give. And you can always Invest In Your Child.

Please help us reach our GEBAS 2016-2017 fundraising goals.

Fundraiser Calendar

September & May — Invest in Your Child (IIYC)

November — Read-a-Thon

  • Participation Packet
  • Nov 4 - Find Sponsors & Pledges! List sponsors and pledges on Sponsorship Form.
  • Nov 11 - Start Reading! Record time on Reading Record Sheet.
  • Nov 18 - Classroom Reading Day. Place Total Minutes Read on Record Sheet and Sponsorship Form.
  • Nov 19-29 - Collect pledges/donations.
  • Nov 30 - All Forms and Donations need to be turned in to your classroom teacher.
  • Dec 2-9 - Recognition to classrooms and individual students.

Other Ways to Give

Do you shop at Kroger? Amazon? Do you buy and use Box Top products that support education? You can support Fairview-Clifton German Language School by registering for community rewards programs or by sending in your saved Box Tops. SO EASY! Look below for ways to support our school.

Amazonsmile - GEBAS/Fairview

Instead of shopping with regular Amazon, shop with AmazonSmile. Same platform just a portion of the sale goes to our dedicated organization.

Box Tops

Hundreds of products participate. 10 cents for every top. Last year we raised $3,000 with our Box Top collection!

**Turn labels in anytime in plastic bag labeled BOXTOPS and CLASSROOM TEACHER name. Reminders will go out periodically in Falkenpost.

Kroger Community Rewards

GEBAS Foundation - School ID: 81936. Register your Free Kroger Rewards Card once a year. Check your rewards account.


TerraCycle collects and recycle any dental items like toothpaste packaging, used toothbrushes and packaging, and mouthwash bottles. We also collect drink pouches, applesauce pouches and Lunchable containers. Look for collection sites in the cafeteria or entry area of the school. We have raised over $1,100.

Other Specific Fundraising Events During School Year:

Invest in Your Child (IIYC)

100% Profit, Tax Deductible, Convenient, Can be Matched by Employer

Donation Form can be found on school website and it will be sent out in in the fall. If we get enough revenue with this easy fundraiser, then we will not need to sell 3rd party merchandise that only brings in 60% profit. ast year we collected around $7,000 with this fundraiser.


This is a fun way for our students to earn money for their school and promote great literacy practices. Students obtain pledges for the reading they already do and more! Last year we raised over $13,000 and read over 11,000 books.


Got any ideas? Share them by joining or speaking with the Ways and Means committee.

GEBAS also holds separate committee (i.e., Special Event and German Traveler) fundraisers such as Fasching, citrus sales, flower sales, and other fun revenue builders. The funds raised with these events are earmarked for specific programs. For example, Fasching funds are used to support Teacher Wishlists which provide $500 annually to every teacher.  Unlike other committees, Ways and Means revenue is a holistic fund used to support Fairview in its entirety. Please consider helping out in anyway you can, because every little bit adds up and allows our school to perform at its best.

If you are a parent or family member who is invested in bringing great events and resources to Fairview-Clifton German School, please contact the Ways and Means GEBAS board members, Tiffany Dolder-Holland and/or Christy Keegan.